Loa Greyson

About Loa Greyson

Describing himself as akin to Clark Kent and Superman, Loa Greyson, also known as Tini Grey, unveils the duality of his identity. Born Tinifuloa Grey into a musical lineage with his father, the esteemed Samoan folk/pop artist Jerome Grey, and his brother Taumata of the Common Kings, Loa initially embarked on his musical journey in Hawaii as part of the Polynesian R&B group "Reign," releasing an album in 2001.

Relocating to California in 2007 with his wife Angela Perez Baraquio, Loa was compelled to carry forward his father's legacy after Jerome Grey suffered a stroke during a live performance. Transitioning into a solo career, Loa Greyson drew inspiration from a diverse spectrum of musical influences, weaving together elements of R&B, Motown, Soul, Folk, Hawaiian, and Pop. His unique blend, infused with acoustic rock and Polynesian sounds, reflects his broad musical palette.

As a songwriter, Loa channels positivity, love for family, and a keen awareness of contemporary social issues into his lyrics. His musical style traverses playful, upbeat tunes to more contemplative, bluesy compositions, reflecting the multifaceted nature of his artistic expression.

Loa's resonant baritone and soulful delivery draw comparisons to a fusion of John Mayer and Jack Johnson. His discography includes debut solo recordings like "Better Place" (2011), "Shades of Grey" (2012), and "Thoughts of Christmas" (2013). In 2015, he collaborated with acclaimed songwriters Chris Gelbuda and GRAMMY® Award winner Tim Fagan, producing the single "Waiting For Me on the Shore."

Witnessing a surge in popularity, Loa earned accolades like GigMasters' "Best of 2013" and "Best of 2014" Awards. His extensive performance history includes appearances at renowned venues such as the House of Blues, Ford Amphitheatre, Roxy, Downtown Disney, Disneyland Hotel, and various Hawaiian and Pacific Islander festivals.

After the success of his debut album, Loa redirected his musical focus, exploring his native language and genre. Singles like "Nifo Oti" and "Malietoa" showcased his evolving artistic direction. In 2019, inspired by his father's health challenges, he released a cover of Jerome Grey's original hit "Eleni," garnering international attention and radio play in Hawaii and Samoa.

During the pandemic, Loa found new creative outlets, producing a children's online show called "Nalu's Wave" and co-writing the musical "We Are Samoa," depicting the life of his father Jerome Grey, set for release in 2025. He also contributed to the soundtrack of Survivor Season 42 and 43 and worked on ADR for the TV show NCIS Hawaii.

In 2021, Loa formed the Polynesian acoustic trio FAIVA, dedicated to reviving indigenous Polynesian music and inspiring youth to embrace their culture. Their debut single "Valovalo Mai" earned them a nomination for "2023 Best International Pacific Artist" at the Pacific Music Awards.

Loa Greyson's television appearances include Season 7 of The Voice, and he has shared the stage with diverse acts from J Boog and Justin Young to Henry Kapono and Willie K. Critics praise his versatility, describing him as a performer unafraid to infuse his life, truth, and vision into compelling music. The albums have been lauded for their soulful essence, positive messages, and Loa's captivating vocal prowess.