FEBRUARY 8, 2021 

Loa Angeles, CA - Loa Greyson, son of Samoan music great Jerome Grey, has released his version of the elder Grey's song Island Beauty, a tribute to the senior Grey's late wife Emily. It is the second in a series of songs Greyson is recording as a tribute to his dad in hopes that he can bring the senior Grey's music to the mainstream. Greyson earlier released an upbeat version of Grey's Eleni, a somewhat light-hearted song about a tin of mackerel, which quickly became a popular protest song about Samoa's politicians who were living comfortable lives while the poor of Samoa struggled to make ends meet. 

Originally entitled Samoan Beauty, Grey released the song in 1980 on his We Are Samoa album with his group Ava. It was produced by Frank Day and the late Tom Moffatt - Hawai'i's legendary concert promoter and DJ, who loved Grey's music and who flew Grey and his band from Samoa to Hawai'i twice to record two albums. 

Greyson produced his version of Island Beauty with Shawn Ishimoto, Marc Solomon, Taumata Grey and Soli Satele. Musicians on the single were: Francois Deann II (keyboards); Shawn Ishimoto (drums and guitar); and Brandon Shaw (bass). Soli Satele and Greyson sang background vocals. The single was engineered, mixed and mastered by Marc Solomon. 

The lyric video of Island Beauty was released simultaneously with the single, and features Soli Satele in addition to Greyson.  Island Beauty Lyric Video  Island Beauty is available now on Spotify and Apple Music. https://linktr.ee/Loagreyson    

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Greyson directly at loagreyson@gmail.com or (808) 224-4882. 

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FEBRUARY 26, 2020


Loa Angeles, CA - As part of a tribute album to his father, the revered Samoan folk-pop artist Jerome Grey, Loa Greyson is releasing a remake of his dad's original song, Eleni. The 1980 song is about all the different ways the people of Samoa cooked a tin of mackerel -one of the few affordable food items available at that time - but it also became a well-known protest song throughout the country for its lyrics about the country's politicians living very comfortable lives while the majority of the people were very poor. The song was revolutionary because of its lyrics, but the recording production was unprecedented. There was nothing like it at the time - it was a new sound for Samoan music with its fusion of pop, jazz, and funk. The song resonated with the people and became an instant radio hit.


During his earliest years Greyson's family lived in Samoa, followed by a move to Hawai'i. During his time in Hawai'i he was a member of the popular Polynesian R&B group Reign, with Kale Chang, Loa Faimealelei, Afatia Thompson, and Kuhio Yim. Now living in California, while raising his family of five kids with wife Angela Baraquio Grey (Miss America 2001) Greyson was motivated to continue his father’s legacy following the elder Grey’s stroke during a stage performance in 2007. He embarked on a solo music career releasing albums, EPs, and singles, making television appearances and videos, and traveling to perform at venues nationwide.


In recent years Greyson also performed occasionally with his dad, but in August 2019, the elder Grey suffered another stroke. This, following the loss of Greyson's mother in March 2019, created a sense of urgency to complete a tribute album that Greyson had begun working on after his mom passed – something he'd hoped would reintroduce his dad's music to a younger generation and continue his legacy, but also help raise his dad's spirits and let him know that his music would not be forgotten. The album will contain over 20 of Jerome Grey's original songs, including "We Are Samoa", arguably Grey's most well-known song and one which is now considered the unofficial national anthem of Samoa. 

Eleni, both the single and the upcoming album of the same name, is produced and performed by Greyson, his brother Taumata (who is a member of the group Common Kings), Shawn Ishimoto, Marc Solomon and Soli Satele. Executive Producers are Greyson, James Ng, Lina Tran and The Ho'olina Foundation. Musicians include Greyson, Taumata Grey, Jerome Grey, Shawn Ishimoto, Marc Solomon, Derek Nakamoto, Francios Dean II, John Leilua, Soli Satele, Vaea A'etonu, James Ng, Drew Tretick, Ira Nepus, Brandon Shaw, Shiabe Bok Pangelinan, and Matthew Margallo. Featured guests include Sisa Grey Uiagalelei, Anamativa Grey Niumata, Cheyenne and Taralyn Maneafaiga, Juliet Figarski, Ben Figarski, Angela Baraquio Grey, Vaea A’etonu, Silulu A’etonu Grey, Kelemete Meredith and The Grey grandkids.  Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marc Solomon.  Mixed also by Craig Burbidge.

The single will be available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital platforms including TikTok. For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Greyson directly at loa@loagreyson.com or (808) 224-4882.

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