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  1. Better Place
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Better Place

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Better Place
Music and Lyrics by: Tini Grey and Gary King 2010

You are my brother, sister, cousin and friend
We share this world together until the end
Our lives are different each one unique
You'll find there's much to learn from people you meet

Everybody smiles in the same language
Imagine a world where we can all get along
Sooner or later we've got to head for the sky
Make it a better place when you leave it all behind

We've seen a lot of changes people just come go
Many with good intentions some of them they just dont know
Why do you hurt me, when we're the same
Don't need to point our fingers cause no one's to blame

I see a silver lining in the storm
Shining right through to keep us warm
Like a bolt of lightning falling down, falling down
Leading the way back home


Children are laughing, all people dancing
I see a future with everyone
So get on up, help each other
When we make to the end, we did for one another