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  1. What She Needs
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What She Needs

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What She Needs - Music and Lyrics by: Tini Grey 2010

Did a little research on her
Maybe a little snoopin around
Ask some friends who she was
She glided right through the door
My jaw just dropped to the floor
Right then I knew she was the one

Her name was, well fill in the blank
I’m sure this story sounds the same to ya
But for me her name was Angie
She had style with the way she carried herself
A smile that could make snow angels melt
She had the presence of a queen

She had everything ...mmm everything

What she needs is me
To be here when she’s feel’n lonely
Lean on my shoulder when she cries
Care for her when she’s sick
Bring breakfast when the morning wakes
After holding her all night

Then she’ll have everything
What she needs is me
Then she’ll have everything
What she needs is me

Now, I’m not the type to go up to her
In fact I’m a slow mover
Never really had any game
But I knew she’d be my Mrs.
One day she’ll blow me kisses
But first she needs to know my name

So we got to know each other
She was perfect in every way
Except all I was to her was a friend (No way)
She already had a man
And he left her broken
Now she want nothing do with him (no)

She’s through with all his games


She lives in a perfect world
But I see right though that perfection girl
She’s strong, she’s bright
She’s everything right
But right now