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  1. Broken Arrows
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Broken Arrows

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Broken Arrows- Music and Lyrics by: Tini Grey 2010

Why do you set me up to break another heart?
When it's you that I want
Why do you think I'm looking for someone else?
It's been you from the start

Every time I start to make a move along your way
You set me up with your friends / then send me on my way (Oh!)

All I get are broken arrows
When all I want is you with me
All I get are broken arrows
Come on Cupid let me be

Just when I think I’m getting closer (to ya)
I don’t know why you shoot me down­­­­­­
But I keep trying with my head up high
Till another arrow comes around

I cant lie that baby sometimes I get jaded
So I'll just sit back and wait for you but I can't take it


I need you
Stop playing Cupid
I want you
Only wish you knew it
Pierce on through it
This heart is ready
Its all you girl
I'll hold it nice and steady

If any arrows start to fly / toward me any way
I’ll dodge them night and day / till your arrow comes my way (yeah)


Let me be
Let me be
Let me be
Let me be...

Cupid please hear my cry
Don't let your arrow fly