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Is It Gonna Be You

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Is it Gonna Be You Music and Lyrics by: Tini Grey 2010

Is it gonna be you?
Is it gonna be me?
To say it one day
Are you thinking of me
Like I'm thinking of you?
Together always...

The sun came peeking through my window
Casting shadows on my pillow
Thought it was you
Till you came through
Your loveliness walked in my room
A beautiful morning now I know
It's you and me we'll hit the road
A cup of joy in one hand
Breakfast on the sand
We're singin' "Somewhere over the rainbow"


86* with chocolate breezes
Perfect blue skies
The choicest beaches
The things I could do to try to tell you
Write a song to show you

Cancel all your plans
We've only just begun to understand
Its you
And its me
A day destined to go perfect