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FEBRUARY 26, 2020


Anaheim, CA - As part of a tribute album to his father, the revered Samoan folk-pop artist Jerome Grey, Loa Greyson (a.k.a. Tini Grey) is releasing a remake of his dad's original song,Eleni.The 1980 song is about all the different ways the people of Samoa cooked a tin of mackerel -one of the few affordable food items available at that time - but it also became a well-known protest song throughout the country for its lyrics about the country's politicians living very comfortable lives while the majority of the people were very poor. The song was revolutionary because of its lyrics, but the recording production was unprecedented. There was nothing like it at the time - it was a new sound for Samoan music with its fusion of pop, jazz, and funk. The song resonated with the people and became an instant radio hit.


During his earliest years Greyson's family lived in Samoa, followed by a move to Hawai'i. During his time in Hawai'i he was a member of the popular Polynesian R&B group Reign, with Kale Chang, Loa Faimealelei, Afatia Thompson, and Kuhio Yim. Now living in California, while raising his family of five kids with wife Angela Baraquio Grey (Miss America 2001) Greyson was motivated to continue his father’s legacy following the elder Grey’s stroke during a stage performance in 2007. He embarked on a solo music career releasing albums, EPs, and singles, making television appearances and videos, and traveling to perform at venues nationwide.


In recent years Greyson also performed occasionally with his dad, but in August 2019, the elder Grey suffered another stroke. This, following the loss of Greyson's mother in March 2019, created a sense of urgency to complete a tribute album that Greyson had begun working on after his mom passed – something he'd hoped would reintroduce his dad's music to a younger generation and continue his legacy, but also help raise his dad's spirits and let him know that his music would not be forgotten. The album will contain over 20 of Jerome Grey's original songs, including "We Are Samoa", arguably Grey's most well-known song and one which is now considered the unofficial national anthem of Samoa. 


Eleni, both the single and the upcoming album of the same name, is produced and performed by Greyson, his brother Taumata (who is a member of the group Common Kings), Shawn Ishimoto, Marc Solomon and Soli Satele. Executive Producers are Greyson, James Ng, Lina Tran and The Ho'olina Foundation. Musicians include Greyson, Taumata Grey, Jerome Grey, Shawn Ishimoto, Marc Solomon, Derek Nakamoto, Francios Dean II, John Leilua, Soli Satele, Vaea A'etonu, James Ng, Drew Tretick, Ira Nepus, Brandon Shaw, Shiabe Bok Pangelinan, and Matthew Margallo. Featured guests include Sisa Grey Uiagalelei, Anamativa Grey Niumata, Cheyenne and Taralyn Maneafaiga, Juliet Figarski, Ben Figarski, Angela Baraquio Grey, Vaea A’etonu, Silulu A’etonu Grey, Kelemete Meredith and The Grey grandkids.  Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marc Solomon.  Mixed also by Craig Burbidge.


The single will be available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital platforms including TikTok. For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Grayson directly at loa@loagreyson.com or (808) 224-4882.

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NEW SAMOAN ALBUM by Loa Greyson: This Friday, Sept. 6th Last Day for Pre-Order 


Talofa Everyone! 

It's been a while since you've heard from me.  2019 so far has been a challenging year to say the least.  Angie (my wife) was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2018, and has had 4 surgeries in a matter of 6 months with a year long treatment plan ahead.  Thank God she is in remission now.   I laid my beautiful and loving mother, Emily Grey, to rest in March, who is now in heaven.  My car got stolen and found trashed a few days later.  My dad had a stroke in mid-August, but is slowly recovering. On top of all that, we are raising our 5 kids: my oldest  just started high school, we have 3 at Angie's school where she is principal, and one is in preschool...It's tough to always be strong and also keep positive for the kids, when life throws you so many obstacles. We have gone through a lot together as a family. It was no wonder I gained so much weight from eating my sorrows away. Thankfully, I am on the road to better health now. 

The silver lining in all this appeared to me when I realized what I wasn't doing wasn't working. I had to change my mindset and still find joy in life. And my saving grace, aside from my faith, family and friends...well, of course it was MUSIC.  Music has always been a part of me and I was inspired to do something for my family, especially for my dad, who has been feeling the tremendous loss of his beloved wife in March.  Music has been medicine for him. 

I started recording a 25-song album in April, and I'm almost done.  It's a compilation album of all my dad's (Jerome Grey) music.  I'm surprising him in November by presenting him the CD.  I know he will love this project because it'll mean so much to him to see his son continue his musical legacy (can you believe my dad has recorded over a dozen albums in his musical career?!).  I'm so excited for him and for you all to listen to my take on his classics. 

This project has been so healing for me as well.  I was inspired to take care of my health for my wife and children.  I started working out every day and eating better, thanks to help of my good friend, Sala Baker.  I lost over 40lbs in the last few months, and I feel great!  Everything about this project feels GOOD, and I know you will enjoy it. I poured my whole heart and soul into it. 

I've started a KICKSTARTER campaign to presell the CD and more.  Please CLICK HERE to see more about the new album and pre-purchase your copy today!  This Friday, Sept. 6th is the last day to pre-order. 

Thank you for joining me on this musical journey to healing. I am so thankful for your support. 


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